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Frank Oberle is considered one of the finest wildlife and nature photographers in the country.  His gift of photography and love of nature have put him in the forefront of movements to save endangered species and vanishing ecosystems.

Frank’s most recent "fight for nature" involves saving our prairies and grasslands. These ecosystems once covered more than one third of the United States. That number is now reduced to less than 1%. Through his photographs, books and tireless efforts, Frank has helped to bring forth a greater awareness of this loss and has rekindled a passion to save this beautiful part of America’s history.

Frank has not gone untouched by this passion. In the 1990's he, along with his wife Judy, purchased a farm and began restoring 400 acres of tallgrass prairie.

In addition to Frank's successful photography business, the Oberle's are the proud owners of Pure Air Native Seed Company. Pure Air Native Seed specializes in the production, collection and promotion of true native prairie wildflower and grass seed.  Their goal is to encourage the protection and restoration of native prairie and grasslands throughout middle America.

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